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Squeeze-Me !

4.5 ( 6645 ratings )
Oyunlar Eğlence Arcade Aile
Geliştirici: Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd.
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Join the pimple pickin’ party with AMA’s latest release – Squeeze Me.

Squeeze Me is the new fun novelty iPhone game guaranteed to have you zit pickin’ in no time.

Using the camera and touch function of your iPhone, you must explode, treat or clean all different kinds of spots. This app will shock and delight (if you like that sort of thing) even down to revolting life like sounds and vibrations when you’re picking and squeezing.

You can choose to either to take a picture of you or a friend’s face using the camera function, pick a snap from your iPhone album or choose from one of the Squeeze Me templates. When the game starts, spots will appear as on the screen. To achieve the best score, you must pick as many zits as possible.

There are different types of spots each requiring different treatment. Some need careful attention, some need their pus wiped away and some are tricky to find! Keep your eyes peeled for pimples, the strategy is simple - pop ‘em to climb the leaderboard.

Get interactive and send your spotty snaps to your mates plus join our Facebook community – squeeze it into your life!